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Mini Tax Track is designed for the client to pay the least amount of taxes over their lifetime (and their heirs)

We all go through different seasons of our lives. There are tax savings all along the way if you know where to look.  The Mini Tax Track routes you through these tax savings. It takes trained eyes or you can easily bypass them.  Some of the most impactful tax savings must be carefully mapped out, the timing is critical.  Certain procedures must be done at certain times or you’ll miss out on the effectiveness or eligibility of a tax saving tool. 

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  • Investment risk analysis
  • Required rate of return to fund your retirement
  • Projected future tax rate and amount
  • Ways to reduce taxes now and in retirement
  • Ways to create tax-free income
  • % of retirement income funded
  • Ways to save on taxes now and in the future
  • How long your money will last in retirement

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